Elend Conventional Mortgage Loan Reviews

The only debt I have is this place I am getting refinanced. I own cars, homes, a condo. I paid them all off. I have a credit card I pay off every month. I am a slam dunk loan. I am so over Elend. I hate them. Stay the *** away. Stay away. DO NOT BELIEVE BORROWING IS EASY, OR SIMPLE, OR ANYTHING THEY SAY. THIS IS GOING TO CONSUME YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL NEVER GET THOSE COUNTLESS HOURS BACK. ELEND IS HORRIBLE. GO TO YOUR BANK! STAY AWAY FROM THESE...
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Went for a mortgage on a home in TX.Not high dollar...the loan would have been for 65k. Went through their process and at one point got an email requesting a detailed letter as to why we wanted to move to TX when we own a bigger home in AZ. Thought this was a ridiculous request but complied and wrote the letter. I had a bad feeling about them and requested if this was going to be a problem to just shut the process down, but was assured the loan...
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