Elend Loan Refinance Reviews

Worst company do not use these guys, they take forever and not worth the low rates they promise.
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I started a refinance on a condo at the end of March and closed at the beginning of August with American Financial doing business as eLend; it took over 4 months for my loan to close. This is unheard of. To be fair, eLend was ready to close by the end of July, but I was away on vacation, so they charged me points to extend my rate in order to able to close when I got back. Speaking of vacation, I had told them in May that I was going away in...
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I didn't like
  • Unresponsive
  • Unprofessional
  • Took too long
I gave this company a chance to refinance my existing loan versus going with another lender only because they offered a slightly better deal. Everything looked great and the entire refinance should have been straight forward considering it was a HARP loan. Towards the end of the loan process, they sent me an email with 10 stipulations. One of them requiring me to have over $15,000 of cash reserves. Where did this come from? None of these...
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