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What should have been very easy routine refi , turned into a nightmare with ELEND. I lost my lock, paid for an appraisal and ended up not refinanced due to ELEND incompetence. UNBELEIVABLE !!!! Stay away from ELEND or risk losing like I have. You can refinance through a local outlet that will review your loan with you and guide you to your best option. YOU WILL NOT GET THIS WITH ELEND. I hope this review will save someone from a bad experience...
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Worst company do not use these guys, they take forever and not worth the low rates they promise.
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Anonymous eLend - Do not use them!
You will regret if use them. Initially they seemed nice and willing to help. Then as time went by, they started to asking endless of questions and ...

I started a refinance on a condo at the end of March and closed at the beginning of August with American Financial doing business as eLend; it took over 4 months for my loan to close. This is unheard of. To be fair, eLend was ready to close by the end of July, but I was away on vacation, so they charged me points to extend my rate in order to able to close when I got back. Speaking of vacation, I had told them in May that I was going away in...
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Anonymous I see some fabrications in this review. Due to TRID, if any title or lender fees increase after the are initially disclosed to the borrower, the lender cannot pass any fees in...

I didn't like
  • Unprofessional
  • Unresponsive
  • Deception

I gave this company a chance to refinance my existing loan versus going with another lender only because they offered a slightly better deal. Everything looked great and the entire refinance should have been straight forward considering it was a HARP loan. Towards the end of the loan process, they sent me an email with 10 stipulations. One of them requiring me to have over $15,000 of cash reserves. Where did this come from? None of these...
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